Friday, December 16, 2016

Presenting you  P E P E  D E S I G N S straight from the enchanting hills of Kalimpong.

The girl behind these inspiring late 1960's designs, Kripashna Dhamala adds her very own touch of funk to her style. By owning this challenging hippie/boho fashion, Kripashna has been a head turner of approval and disapproval in our town. Nevertheless, Twisted Tulle loves her creativity and style.

Twisted Tulle decided to get a little personal with the budding artist and a designer in the making.
TT: What pushed you towards the hippie culture and not anything more feminine and classy?
KD: Okay feminine and classy is not bad at all infact I do dress like that sometimes but I feel its just not my thing you know? Like hippie clothes are really comfy and eco friendly. They are cool, goes with any shoe or any hairstyle and is really easy to make as well. We just need to use a bit of our imagination.
TT: What is Kripashna's personal style?
KD: Well umm my personal style, I prefer something loose and baggy, flowy clothes.
I usually wear harem pants, tie dyed T-shirt, converse and lots and lots of bracelet and if its a bad hair day I make wear a turban.
TT: Bell Bottoms and Flare jeans have made a comeback. Are you loving them? Any tip on styling these versatile pieces from the hippie era?
KD: I was not a big fan of bell bottoms and flare jeans but I started liking it when the famous British diva's "the spice girls " wore it in one their videos. And now that it has made a come back I'm loving it more.❤ Umm bell bottoms can be paired with a long cardigan ,chunky boots, with an oversized T-shirt or with a belted flow-y shirt. It can also be paired with a chunky open toed sandals, a loose simple tank, with round Lennon sunglasses.
TT: Your biggest fashion inspiration?
KD: My Mom
TT: You are very talented and we know you love painting. Anything else you enjoy doing in your free time? 
KD: Haha okay, ummm...
Making something outta nothing has become an addiction now, I just can't control the idea's oozing outta me and I'll be like "okay girl, just one more then u really need to stop it"..
I just love tie dyeing old clothes and doing patch work all over it and yeah, i play the guitar and sing a lot in my free time.
TT: Hippie Prints like Paisley, Florals, Aztec and others. Any personal favorite and why?
KD: Mandala is my favorite print, it's just too beautiful and fascinating and lately mandala art has become my obsession.
TT: How do you take out time from your school schedule to design and create your imagination? 
KD: I do it in the breaks, weekends, holidays. I just manage it you know, maybe that's why I'm never free.
TT: What is the most challenging part?
KD: The most challenging part is when your designs turns out to be different like something you didn't expect at all.
TT: What is your favorite part of being a designer?
KD: Fashion is a never ending thing in this world and sky is the limit for creativity.
Well according to me a favorite part of being a designer is working your sketches into real piece.

TT: Finally, if you had a choice of all designers in the world to work with/for, who would that person be?KD: I'd love to work with Karl Otto Lagerfeld  a German fashion designer ,artist, photographer based in Paris  and the director of the fashion house Chanel.

This bold and ever so beautiful girl has made her style statement in Kalimpong inspiring many other young women to be themselves and not confide to what the society has to say about them. With her debut design showcase at Nakkal 2 she has definitely won the hearts of many youth. In todays world where we tend to follow fashion trends religiously, here is someone who believes in creating her own fashion.
Shoot collab with Gyalshenla Kitimon from Spot the trend.
Pictures by Sangam Mukhia

*Dear Kripashna, The Twisted Tulle hope to see more of your designs in the near future. Keep doing what you do because it is working! :)*
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