Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Twisted Tulle Travels!
More happy, more blessed and a year older. :)
Happy Birthday to me! Growing up sucks and I wish we had all known that when we were tiny tots because back then, all I wanted was to be an adult. To be able to live on my own. do things by my own rule or no rules at all and go places where I wanted to. I'm sure we all wanted that, didn't we? With all the pros that being an adult can bring, I can't ignore the cons especially on the day I'm blowing candles off my cake, one more than last year.
Dockyards and Ships!
So I'm at Port Blair on my 24th birthday and the first thing I'm told is we are going on a Semi-Submarine ride. Excited as I was already, we left for the docks immediately after breakfast. Life starts early at this end of the world.
Our Coral Safari Ride at 8 in the morning. 
Now for people who don't know what a Semi-submarine is, it is a cruise boat which has a basement with windows and that's where you sit. An underwater submarine would have been cooler but they don't have that facility. We went with what we were offered. That's what life should be about right? Accepting what is offered rather than expecting more than that. (A year older and I am taking life more seriously and positively. Teehee!)

No fishes yet? Let's take pictures instead.
Semi- Submarine from the inside.
Honestly it was a huge disappointment because throughout our 45 minutes ride, we saw nothing. A few fishes here and there and a very blurred vision of the corals that made our fellow passengers run around with joy. All in all, I don't recommend semi-submarines. :)
Our view throughout the ride. :(
Our next stop was the Aquarium, a museum of Corals and fishes as the name sounds. I'm not a fan of museums but when in Port Blair, you do like the tourists do. :D 

These are a few pictures I took before I was told that photography was prohibited.
Quite a badass huh? Nah, not really.
Markruz, our ferry to Havelock and then to Neil and back to Port Blair. 
After lunch, it was time to board our ferry to Havelock. In-case you plan a trip to Andaman, make sure you've booked your ferry tickets well in advance. They are always busy and an even better option would be book a Make my Trip package like we did. It's easy breezy because then you have a guide waiting for you with a cab on each island you hop!

It is an hour and a half ride to reach Havelock, a beautiful island which has only one entry-exit point locally known as the "Jetty". The boats that take you various small beaches nearby are all lined up here and it's crowded with people coming to or leaving this pretty island. It was raining when we got down so no pictures of the Jetty.

Always wanted to live in a cottage. Home for two nights!
Since it was pretty late already, we decided to call it a day. Our hotel, Silver Sand was a paradise on it's own. Wooden cottages surrounded by tall coconut trees and the restaurant and private beach on the other side of the road was enough to fill us with good vibes only.

View from the restaurant. It was breath-taking. For real!
Hotel's Private Beach where we were to have dinner but it rained and we dined elsewhere. 

Worries were forgotten and troubles put aside.With the sound of the trees waving in the night wind serving as a sweet lullaby, we were sound asleep in no time. 

Did I mention that I fell in love with Havelock. It was a love at first sight and I couldn't help it. Trust me when I say this, if there is one place I'd wanna run away to and I lack a passport (which I do, for now) you'd find me on this island, probably reading a book while swinging on a hammock by the beach or cycling through paths bordered by trees on both sides. For those two days that I was there, Havelock was my safe haven.

Read our previous post "Destination Port Blair"  to know how the vacation started. 
We had a lot of activities the next day. Blog post on Havelock Part 2 coming soon.
Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. Hi
    I am guessing you took Make my trip package .
    What were the hotels you stayed in port Blair , havelock and Neil ?

    1. Hi! We stayed in Sentinel Hotel in Port Blair and Silver Sand in both Havelock and Neil.
      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. I would love to plan my own trip and itinerary to Andaman, my only worry is that I might waste too much time waiting in queues for ferry tickets

  3. In that case, you could reach the dock an hour earlie or you can book them online. I think there are two ferrys available,there could be more. We went on Makruzz.Check out www.makruzz.com. Hope it helps.
    Drop by tomorrow for a new post on Havelock Part 2. 😃