N A K K A L. 2

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Twisted Tulle Styles!
Stop, take a deep breath and appreciate everything around you. It may not be where you WANT to be but it's exactly where you NEED to be.

Nakkal happened to me just at the right moment, at the right time. It all fitted in slowly but steadily like a jigsaw puzzle. Assisting a Stylist in the past years did give me that little push of confidence to work solely on a project so big. Yes, I have worked in cities with bigger projects than this, but Nakkal was something more than just a Fashion Show to me. It was home and working with MY people never felt any better. Draining myself physically, mentally and emotionally for two whole weeks seemed nothing when the day of the event finally arrived because in that process I had made a family of my own to treasure. Brothers whom i could run to for any help and sisters who made everything seem possible.

Here is a tiny glimpse of my pride, my people who were ever so ready to work their ass off and make Nakkal a GRAND SUCCESS.

Traditional Nepal Attire donned ever so proudly by these ladies had our hearts singing "Yo mann ta mero Nepali ho!".
A little bit of Ethnic on the Stage.
And a glimpse of culture - The Lepcha Attire
When Boho meets Style, there is only one advice - "Go for it!".
Traditional Gunyou Cholo and Daura Suruwal because Tihar is coming! :)
While the ladies charmed us with their Indo-fusion looks,
The men didn't fall far behind.
Now what is a show without a show stopper, right? In our case we had two!
And finally, the team behind the success of Nakkal 2. 
This post is dedicated to everyone who made Nakkal 2 possible.
I am so honoured to have had been a part of this wonderful Nakkal team.
A big Thank You to ever so loving Gyalshenlah, Divyas Da, Pepe, Leezum, Anna, Bernard Da and last but not the least Nikhil for always having my back. 😉

Ps: I would like to thank all my dear friends and well wishers who came and supported me and to all who kept this show in their prayers.😊 
[ Zenden, Neha, Sunith , Ruben, Peden, Ishmiel, Clement] 
Thank you so much you guys are the best 😁

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