Friday, October 07, 2016

Here is a Fall Fashion Tip – Layer them up!
You heard me, Layering and the transition to a chilly weather go hand in hand. Layering in simple words means to wear different items of clothing one upon another. Why, you may ask.
The first reason is logical – to keep yourself warm as the cold winter seeps in.
The second is more justifiable as to why I am writing this post. Layering is done to create variety.To create new looks using the same old pieces.

The dress over denims is a layering trend that is hot at the moment, although I am not a big fan of this one.
Now Layering can be as simple as wearing a leather jacket with a white tee or throwing on a bomber jacket over a dress. It can also be a bit complicated if you want your outfit to stand out.

Whether it is to uplift your outfit by teaming up various items from your wardrobe or simply to add an extra layer, Layering is an art which either comes to you naturally or can be mastered with time, practice and a few tips. Personally, I love the idea of layering because it changes the role a piece of clothing plays every time you decide to add something over or under it.

Here are a few tips from me to help you layer up this fall -

1.Instead of layering different colors, go for textures instead.
2.Give that outfit a pop of color to uplift the overall look. A fun scarf or a colred beret does the trick.
3.Knitted Cardigans are best for layering. Wear them over your plaid shirts or under your trench coats. They work just as fine, in or out. J
4.Mix the vibes. Adding textured outer to plain inner is a tip hard to miss.
5.Turtlenecks! Wear turtlenecks under coats, sweaters or overalls for a warm, comfy yet chic look. You can also wear them under your slip dresses!

6.Don’t give up on Summer just yet. Layer those summer dresses with Sweatshirts or Jackets with knee high socks or boots.
7. Let each layer contribute. Don’t hide or tuck them. Let them sneak a peek because every bit adds to the look.

Now, fall/autumn weather can be a bit confusing.
You don’t want to take out your fur coats just yet nor are you willing to store away your dresses. Well, layer them up and for good. You will soon realize that you have so many wonderful outfit options to beat the cold. 
Lastly,  think in opposites and the combinations are endless.

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  1. SO obsessed with this post!!! Overlaying outfits are my fav thing to do this is why Fall is my fav season too!! Love this so much