Monday, September 19, 2016

Back to school outfit-ideas is not something that would make sense in India. so here's a back to college outfit-list for you. I have managed to compile 5 outfits that would suit the taste of every kind and l hope this will be of some help to at least a few of you.
Getting dressed for college can be a bit tricky in the beginning because you may wanna go all 'Style Diva' yet hold back a little cause you are not sure if your class mates or the people around you will view your fashion sense in the most positive way.Do not fear, for experimenting in your college days is what I encourage you to do (that coming from a personal experience). So, lets begin!

Since its a back to college post, we've got to be practical here. Go for a 'pretty' casual look by throwing on a loose t-shirt with a tea length skirt or culottes. Works on every body type. Oh, you can opt for a well fitted top too, if you're one of those girls who give us 'body goals'.

Layering tanks from the 90's has been such an inspiration. It's effortless and always looks good.If you wanna save yourself some exposέ, wear a t-shirt underneath. There is nothing to lose there for Cami slip-on dresses over a tee is hot this season. #justsaying


A cute senior that you have this huge crush on? Don a cute outfit to  grab his attention. Don't forget to keep it simple because you don't want to let the world know that you are trying. Make sure you add a pop of color (bag, shoes, accessories or anything) to amp the outfit a little.

 A semi-formal formal look will give you the right kick start and boost your confidence (i hope). None the less, you gotta make an impression right! Make an effort to look good, because standing in front of the class won't be so easy. A chic coat should do the trick. You may also dress it up a little with formal skirts in cute colors.

Running late?? *insert raising hand emoji
Worry no more because you cannot go wrong with this outfit. XL sweaters are the key and joggers work wonders if you have only 5 minutes to get ready. Grab them and look like you've spent hours when you have not. Opt for a messy bun or leave that mane untamed for a casual 'laid-back' look.

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest

Free advice : Make the most of your College Days. Do everything! Involve yourself and grab opportunities. Meet many people and make new friends. And while you are doing all that don't forget to have fun. (in style, maybe?) *wink*

P.S : We intend on using our own photos but our busy schedules and lack of a photographer prohibits us from doing so. Just wanted to let you know that we are working on it. Thanks for being so kind. :)

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  1. What cute outfits!!! I just went back to college for my LAST semester and I would totally wear all of these :)