Saturday, September 03, 2016

Come September, and we are all thinking of Autumn.
Well, Delhi is still hot and unnecessarily humid so I haven't actually taken out my warm clothes, but what I have been doing is making this list of things I'm definitely going to wear for the remaining months of 2016. Also, I am interning for a fashion and lifestyle website which means I am spending a lot of time online , researching of-course. I keep coming across a lot of trends that are making it big, somewhere out there.

One trend that caught my eye, is the "Socks on Heel" trend.

For many years, it was a big NO to wear socks with heels but you can't trust the dynamic nature of Fashion, for the rules keep changing and they have in this case too.
It may not have been an acceptable trend then, but Fashion has enfolded the "heels with sock" trend now.

Over the past year, wearing socks with heels has become very popular. The trick however is to pair them correctly. The right combination is always the key.

I personally think that this trend brings a 70's vibe with it but with utmost sophistication.

Also don't you think those cute socks in your drawer deserve a bit of spotlight? Yes, they do.

Here's how to do it:
Grab a pair of heels! It could be anything. From Chunky Boots to Classic Pumps, High Stilettos to Barely-There Sandals, Peep Toes to Oxfords and even Sneakers!
Play with all kinds of socks, knee high or calf length socks, printed or plain, frilly ones or fishnets. The choice is yours to make.

Here are some outfit ideas to take inspiration from :


So, my question is - Are you going to try the 'socks with heels' look?
You definitely should.
This season, make your shoes look even more stylish.
All you need to keep in mind is 'Pair them right' and also execute with caution. Don't forget to add a personal touch. xo :)

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  1. Wow...��
    ������������ idk bout others but I'm definitely gonna try it!!!

    1. You should. Let me know how you pair it up. 😘