Monday, September 05, 2016

*F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme-song playing in the background*

In Central Perk, they would all sit round,
talking bout things, lost and found.
Cups of Coffee and a muffin on the table, 
With everyone's thought very much unstable. 

A huge couch on which sat three,
out of six best friends, there could ever be.
Living their jobs and paying their rent, 
their simple lives in a purple apartment.

Rachel Green, blonde and pretty, 
always confused and sometimes witty. 
Slit Skirt and high boots, her style.
She'll make you fall in love, once in a while.

Oh! There's the handsome, Chandler Bing.
Bubble baths and French manicure, be his thing.
Thanksgiving and Turkey, he hates beyond measure.
In spending time with Monica, he surely takes pleasure. 

Yes, that's Monica Geller, we are talking about. 
Once fat and chubby, she knows how to shout. 
An OCD maniac and a chef by profession. 
I kinda resemble her, that is a weird confession.

Another Geller, with an over-sized coat, 
Ross be his name, now you better take note. 
His love for Rachel, he took 10 years to express, 
A paleontologist he is, you would never guess. 

Then there's Joey Tribbiani and his love for food. 
Always with a hot date, and in a jolly mood. 
He is cute. He is funny and he is just my type, 
Well everybody loves him, so what's the hype? 

I surely haven't forgotten the one with a song, 
Phoebe Buffay, who'll ask you to 'not sing along.' 
With a twin, and a dead mother who was a dealer. 
Her weird personality, is sometimes a healer.

They made me laugh when the hours were blue, 
A day was made, with just an episode or two, 
A theme song, that finally makes sense now, 
I think I'll end my note here, with a virtual bow.

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