Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hi Guys! I haven't been able to write anything new, so here is a throwback on a Sunday (that's allowed, right?).
I wouldn't call it poetry, but it is something I wrote a few years back when I had nothing to do and certain TV-Series were quite the hype. Hope you like it. :)

There is a BLAIR WALDORF in every girl,
even if with no hairband or no curl;
who awaits her CHUCK BASS, silently.
Will he come by? That's left to see.

Then there are girls, who aren't seen a lot,
but these girls get their NATHAN SCOTT.
Nothing more to wish for and no games,
they sure are lucky like HAYLEY JAMES

Ever wanted a blue horn and that too twice,
TED MOSBY comes along? Well, that sounds nice.
These are girls like ROBIN, who are everywhere,
with a pretty little face and perfect hair.

What's longer? Always or Forever?
Makes no difference, whatsoever
to the very few EDWARD's and BELLA's.
Well what more to say? "Lucky fellas!! 

Let's not forget the LILY's out there,
who show how much they love and really care.
They find their MARSHALL's, and that's enough.
Together they seem to sort out, anything tough.


If fate snatches your love, only to return,
then there surely is no notebook to burn.
Because even after the separation thrill,
like NOAH and ALLIE, reunite you will.

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