Saturday, September 17, 2016

"Our garments are a tour de force- a performance, a larger than life story." - Payal & Zinal
I came across them at the Indian Runway Week, where amidst all the excitement, the hustle and  bustle and stalls filled with fresh deisigns, I found myself standing in front of them admiring the hues on their hangers.

On talking to them I got to know that their Winter Collection was inspired by none other than Frida Kahlo, a great painter and a feminist who is still regarded as the most notable figure of the contemporary culture. Isn't that so cool? Yeah, I thought so too. :)

Introducing Payal and Zinal, two talented and artistic individuals from Gujarat who've come together to do what they love, design! Fresh Graduates from Symbiosis- Institute of Design, Pune, these budding designers recently launched their label, Payal and Zinal in June,2016,

 In their words,"Inspired by the many elements of Frida's life, that makeup the perceived male and female features- this collection is an attempt to capture the essence of today's generation through Frida."

According to these young designers, "Theirs is a tale of amalgation, of mixtures, of compounds, of fusion, of concoctions". 

Their personal style is nowhere near 'Ordinary' and they don't believe in 'Simplicity' when it comes to Fashion and Style. Adding quirky elements, maybe a cut here and a sew there, and transforming anything 'Basic' into something that catches the eye is what the pair endeavor for.

They design shoes too! Don't you think these Oxfords are so quirky and such stand out pieces?
 A lot of layering and patchwork and a hint of embroidery here and there, their Winter Collection, "Viva De Frida" is all about accepting the fact that 'today, people have a balanced identity that includes the virtues of both the genders'.

Designer duo believe in Unisex Fashion, that what women wear, men can too and vice versa.
That it is the person who matters and not their gender.
The age of Un-Gender, where male and female personalities are coming to accept the 'other side', is what arouses their interest and inspires them to do what they do.

"Before I left, they handed me this cute goodie bag with this cool patch thingy that I will sew on one of my denims, maybe. It had also their Winter Collection Booklet and Choco-chip Cookies (which kinda saved me because I was stuck in a long traffic after the show)."
When asked what was the most difficult part about being a designer, they humbly replied, "to be able to explain our concept." To get their ideas out of their heads and on the mannequin, on the shelves.
Two years from now, they hope to see themselves at Lakme Fashion Week. Well, we do too. :)

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