Monday, May 02, 2016

When it comes to cousins, they are your childhood playmates who turn into friends. They are those humans who make family events more bearable and they are a part of almost every 'growing up' story. Your friends may know you but your cousins know you better.

There are a lot of reasons as to why cousins play the role they do. Here are a few personal reasons which may or may not apply to you.

1. Whether it is a family trip or a nephew's birthday party, you can always rely on your cousins to make it fun. You could catch up over recent gossips or simply spend hours taking selfies. You can do just anything with them, right?

2. You know your secrets are safe with your cousins because they are your friend as well as family and what could be better? Family drama, boy trouble, school pressure or work issues, you can tell them anything.

3. They will laugh at you when your parents scold you, but will appear with their capes at times and save you from a long lecture or a good thrashing. Sometimes, they'll even take the blame and for that you will always be grateful.

4. You can steal from their wardrobe and feel no guilt whatsoever because what is theirs is yours and vice versa. Also what doesn't fit them is yours for grabs, no discussion required.

5. Your cousins will be that bridesmaid you didn't choose, because they will choose themselves. That is their right, like it or not. Also they will have the most to say to your husband /wife later on.

6. Another thing about cousins is the connection that we share. Countries away for years, but when you meet it is like you've never been apart. Go to receiver her at the airport and she will make fun of your hair before giving you the hug.

7. They know your weird side and have accepted it with love and a little mockery. If you have a cousins group chat, a picture of you from five years ago is bound to come up and you will be laughed at. But you will forgive them anyway.

8. If you have grown alongside your cousin, she will remember most of the things you did as a kid and she will remind you of the days you had curly boy cut hair whenever she gets a chance.

9. You share the same grandparents and there are albums filled with childhood pictures of you guys which has lasted many years and will continue to do so. Embarrassing baby photos but it is fine because they are mostly in groups. :)

10. Finally, you know you have them for life, through every fight and every group hug. With the years, one day you will be sitting together, all old and wrinkly sharing stories of the past. For me, that's how cousins end up.

Will be working on something more interesting next time. Till then let your cousins, near or far know how much they mean to you and that they are loved.

Have a Happy Monday!
P.S : I have been busy visiting my cousins lately, and hence the post on them.

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  1. Ever since I can recall, my cousins have been the only friends I have ever needed back home. They have the added benefit of not being your immediate sibling( for the things you'd never want them to know) and not being strangers from the first meet itself. Loved the post. An admirable piece written by the author.