Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cue Taylor Swift- "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22..", Oh wait. it is 23.  
     What's better than being a teenager for the first time? Being 23. I can't say about 'after 23' for the fact that I haven't got there yet but as far as being 23 is concerned, it is that point in time where you can be an adult and also let the child in you play. It is when you have to deal with datasheets in the morning but you will stay up playing Skyrim. When you juggle between  a glass of wine and a bottle of beer but you will still find the need to hug that Bear to sleep.
It is weird but that is how it is. You will start receiving wedding invitations but you will also be attending rock concerts. When you are 23 suits and ripped jeans begin to go hand in hand. You could be doing basically everything and nothing.

1. You are 23 and in college (or an institute).
All that ambition will definitely take you wherever it is you want to go and it is great how you haven't given up on books yet. Seriously. You are learning and making new friends and partying on Friday nights. You are still living the dream. You should make the most of it (while it lasts).
*If you are studying and working simultaneously, here's an exclusive "Kudos" to you. (Your parents are surely proud of you. I would be.)

2. You are 23 and you have a job.
You can't stay up until midnight because you have a 3am flight to Mumbai, or an important meeting with the client or simply office at 8. You have no time to even scroll through Facebook because the pending documents and the deadlines are your friends now and you don't get to choose. But hey! you are getting paid, remember? That should allow you to miss a few reunions and not feel so bad about it. And just so you know, you have already achieved a lot and you are still going. (*woot woot*)

3. You are 23 and you have no job.
There are a few of us who's done with graduation and all the cool stuff you know, but you still wake up with no alarm because you have no place to be at 8 in the morning. You are lost and you may have no map but it's a phase and they pass, right?. Just stay afloat, you'll find an island soon. (good things take time) :)

4. You are 23 and you have no boyfriend/girlfriend.
It's not that big a deal but when you see 15 year old's posting pictures on Instagram expressing how madly they love each other, you will ONLY imagine yourself dying single. Yes, that is true because by now you've seen so much and you will only settle for something that is worth your time which btw my friend will keep you 'single' for a long long time. (One can only hope that the wait is going to be worth it.)

5. You are 23 and you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
So, how long's it been? 6 years, 8 months? Whatever the case, atleast you aren't dying alone. You have somebody to share your confusion with , because being 23 can be a task. If you are in a committed relationship, chances are you might get hitched in a year or two. (Unless something/someone comes in between, but otherwise you can start planning the curtains and the pets you'd like to keep.)

6. You are 23 and you are married.
Awww. It must be fun waking up in the morning and making breakfast , having someone to talk to at bedtime and you know all the planning and family stuff. You will miss waking up at 11 or going out with friend's, getting drunk  and going all 'YOLO' but you took the great leap and that was very daring. (You might not know kitchen so well but you are doing great and don't worry, your friends will join you soon.)

"I am 23 and I don't know what I'm doing. I watch Meg Ryan movies all day and I am active on Instagram. I am that friend who will buzz you when you are in a meeting or that best friend who will call you up at 3 in the morning and whine about how lonely it gets sometimes. I don't mind spending an hour in the shower or two hours on Lunch. I am that bud you can call and hangout with (anytime) because I hardly have things to do. I can stay up all night and sleep all day. I have been this way for a few months now but I know it won't always be this way. I know things will change and when they do, I know I'm going to be ready. I might be taking my time here but I haven't given up and you shouldn't either. (i.e if you are on my boat)"

    Being 23 can mean a lot of things. You could be so damn proud of yourself for who you have become or you could be constantly telling yourself to 'get your shit together'. Either way, you are growing and you are still learning and most importantly you are living, irrespective of which category you fall under. You are 23 only once, so live each moment because in no time you will be standing infront of a cake with 23 lit candles, and when you blow them I hope you have a wide smile on your face because of the simple fact that you lived your 23, the best way possible (and also because it's your birthday). :)

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