Saturday, March 12, 2016

"The long night is coming and the dead come with it." - Jon Snow
         I'm not sure if you are following the Game of Thrones  Season 6 trailers but I am and there is not just one or two but three of them along with three more mini-clippings of the house banners being hoisted like a signal for a war that is coming. 
Read further ONLY if you want to dig deeper into the trailers. If you have watched them, you possibly know it all (or even more and better). :)
  If you think Jon Snow is alive, you might want to rethink, because the first trailer of Season 6 opens with Jon Snow lying presumably dead and we hear Davos confirming, "He is gone."(He was stabbed 7 times 'For the Crows.') I have a feeling he'll return, not in this season though.
Good news for the other half of the human clan, Sansa Stark is on the run with Theon ofcourse. (they jumped off the wall, remember?) With the Stark banner fluttering and Theon Greyjoy proclaiming, "Winterfell is mine and I will seek it" in a clipping,  I  do have a lot of expectations from him. (Let's hope he doesn't transform into Reek ever again) 
Little sister Arya who savagely killed Meryn Trant in Season 5 and as a punishment had her eyes taken out (as brutally) is definitely blind throughtout this season, but we can hope for miracles and the sight coming back. C'mon, this series allow us that much.
  Bran meets the White Walker Night King!  Now that is definitely one of his visions.(Simply because he is seen standing.) A little recap here : Bran has met with the Three Eyed Raven who is teaching him to look into the past, present and future. Isn't he turning out to be the coolest character? The first trailer ends with Ser Davos stabbing a corpse, which could be Stannis. But is he really dead? Because Brienne just left him to die, like Arya did The Hound, who I hear might return. (very much alive)Stannis on the other hand is pretty much dead. After having sacrificed his daughter and his wife hanging herself. (why would he live,right?)

  There isn't much of Tyrion or Margery in the trailers. The latter is probably in the cell with her brother but word has it, that the Tyrells may side with the Sparrows in the war that is to come. Wait! Did I mention the second trailer which features the Hall of Faces. It is where the faces of the dead are displayed on a wall ranging from Ned Stark to Catelyn Stark to Joffrey Baratheon and a new addition. Who, but Jon Snow. And there is Tyrion too. I typed it right. The trailer ends with Tyrion's face amonst the other faces. Could he be dead? (My question is How and Why?) 
  With Myrcella dead (poisoned with a kiss from Ellaria Sand) and Joffrey been dead for far too long. We can only anticipate Tommen's death. For it has been foretold that Cersie's kids are all going to die before her. A clipping of the Lannister flag only confirms that they are up against the High Septon who sort of threatens to 'overthrow an empire'. (They can be scary) With reference to the trailer, we hear Jaime Lannister promise Cersie vengeance for everything that has been taken from them. (they always pay their debts, don't they?) and Cersie appears stronger (with a bold Pixie) choosing 'Violence'. (The Mountain is defintely making a comeback. I'm excited.)
  The last season ended with The Mother of Dragons being surrounded by some Dothrakis and  the recent trailer features her being led as a capture. (not what we were hoping for, right?) However Drogon seems to be looking over her and there is also Jorah Mormont following her trails, so she isn't on her own yet. But is she safe? Because the final clipping  shows a burning Targaryen Flag with a Dothraki voice mocking Daenerys to be 'a queen of nothing, a nobody.
  The third trailer which features the killing and every note worthy event that took place in season 5 includes the voice of the Three Eyed Raven saying, "We watch, we listen and we remember. The past is already written. The ink is dry." and it ends with Bran voicing, "They have no idea what is going to happen." 'They' means us , right? or is everything that has happened only a vision from the future that Bran can see? (This is pure mental torture!)
  Besides all of the above, there is a snapshot of Little Finger, the Lannister incest scene, a new character (Euron Greyjoy, Theon's uncle), Melisandre trying to seduce someone (if she brings back Jon I will forgive her for Robb) and the Wildlings attacking the Boltons (most probably).
  This post has turned into a pretty long one but it is Game of Thrones, and I could still go on. (I know you'll forgive me for the length, and I hope you do) 
"Yes, all men must die. But we are not men." - Daenerys Targaryen


P.S: Spring may have arrived well on time but we all know that 'Winter is coming' and April 24th doesn't seem so far now, does it?

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