Sunday, February 28, 2016

Audrey Hepburn (Best Actress) - 26th Annual Academy Awards, 1954

Now I would have never imagined myself writing about Hollywood's Big Night, and before you expect anything I'd like to make a point that this may not be good. (No self confidence what so ever)
       With Mad Max bagging one Oscar after Another,Leonardo DiCaprio being nominated for the Best Actor Role (again!),Jennifer Lawrence flaunting the bob blonde, Jared Leto making a male appearance in contrast to that of last year, and Lady Gaga in a 'not very eye catching'  but worth mentioning ensemble, there definitely will be a lot of talking even long after. 
Here's my say on the looks from the OSCARS 2016.

The Celebs are hot, no doubt and when it comes to Award Ceremonies, we can expect a spectacle of stunning gowns and tuxedos on the Red Carpet. 

Dior, Givenchy, Armani and Prada, you name it all.
Sophia Vergara's midnight blue Marcesa Gown was what the French would call 'magnifique' and JayLaw's perfect blonde bob is going to make us forget her trip-scene from the last Oscars. I explicitly loved the figurative representation of the Oscars on Margot Robbie and Rooney Mara surely made a statement in a Givenchy all white lacey gown .

While Naomi Watt reminded me of 'The Little Mermaid', the hue on Cate Blanchette made me google the color type (because i love it that much). I think it is sea-foam and as per what I read online, she pretty much took the spot light. And for the love of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner (our not so naive anymore, Sansa Stark) did look drop dead gorgeous in Grey. 

With all the good, comes a little bad. 
 Heidi Klum reminded me of a bridesmaid who was forced to wear that gown while Emily Blunt's bejewelled prada was misshapen and definitely a 'nada'.The very unflattering purple gown did no justice to Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Jason Leigh surely needed more flowers, or not.

Now, Hollywood's Men didn't fall behind in donning their finest Tuxedos on the Red Carpet before the event.
Like Braney Stinson would have quoted, "Suit Up!'

Kudos to Sam Smith for dedicating his Best Original Song Oscar to the LGBT Community. Toms and Tux, Abraham Attah surely got us thinking. Notice Jared Leto's bowtie? A flower for a bow is definitely something you can't miss. And finally forgive me Pharell Williams, but that look doesn't make us 'Happy' (at all).

 Women wrapped in designer gowns and men clothed in dashing Tuxedos, and that too in a pair. What could be better?  

Matt Damon is nominated and the red and black couple looked more than just fine. Having said that, Chrissy and John looked adorably hot together, now that isn't quite a term to use right now, but C'mon they  do look hot. Can you hear the Titanic Theme Song? Because even after years, Jack and Rose looked stunning together.
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley kinda stole the show , for me.

P.S : Alls well that ends well. Leonardo finally won his first Oscar Award and Lady Gaga's performance of "Til it happens to you' was powerful and is a must watch. 
That will be all for now.  :) 

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