Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Winter may be coming, but aren't we dying to greet Autumn first.
The falling of leaves, bidding monsoon adieu, the smell of winter, and the transition from a glass of Iced Tea to a cup of Hot Chocolate are a few reasons as to why Fall is my favourite. One can only wish for the 'sweater weather' after all the rain and humidity and bad hair days, right?
Autumn, also known as 'fall' was even earlier known as 'Harvest'. That's a fun fact, but I am not here for that so lets move on. :)

From the Runways to the Streets, Fashion seems to have a favourite jacket- The Bomber Jacket .
Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid take twinning to a whole new level by wearing similar Bomber Jackets.
Friendship goals? :D 
The Bombers have made a comeback.
Yes! Marilyn Monroe wore Bombers once upon a time, so if we are to talk about Renaissance here, the Bomber Jacket is your cue.
Like the Chokers and the Bell-sleeves, these Jackets are also a 'blast from the past'.  

While your Leather and Denim Jackets still remain a classic, don't stay away from Bombers this Fall because they are trending and en vogue.

Leather or Suede, Mesh or Knitted, Fur or Satin; these Jackets come in a variety of fabrics!


And prints! -from Floral to Bold Prints.


One of the reason why this Jacket is everywhere is because of its "versatility". You can pair it up with just anything. Don it over a dress/skirt or wear them with your favourite jeans/leggings and you are good to go.

This Fall -  Stay warm.Stay Chic.

* All pictures from- https://in.pinterest.com/ *

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