Saturday, August 06, 2016

I woke up today to another lousy afternoon and while I was scrolling through the images in Pinterest, I came across this particular picture..

.. and it made me think. Of what you'd ask?

   It was Vintage Fashion and the way it is silently but very effectively dominating the current trend scenario. I believe that it is much more than just old clothes that have lived in your grandma's closet since time immemorial. It is definitely more than just inspirations that fashion houses are taking from eras-long gone.
   The idea of wearing someone else's old clothes was entirely different from what it is now. It was believed that it was only done by people who couldn't afford new clothes, whereas it is obviously a trend now to wear your mom's old jeans or your dad's old varsity jacket or your grandmother's embellished sarees.    One may not realize it but our closets/wardrobes /almirahs/bags are filled with vintage items, some you may not even be aware of.
    The Chokers you got yesterday, that Bell-bottom pant you wore in your last instagram post, those Birkenstocks you wear to college (because it is too hot to wear sneakers all the time), and them cute Crop tops that you've owned for a long time now. - "all vintaage."
    Oh yes, that fancy Zara Brogue and those Clogs from Forever 21, the Lennon glasses and your love for Fringes; all from the past.
    I almost forgot the dear Dungarees. I last wore a Dungaree when I was 6 years old and that difficulty it brought with it everytime I had to use the toilet, was the reason why I hated them.

Did you know : Fedoras, Felt hats and berets, all hair from the 40's.

So, it was probably the hippies who first took the risk of using secondhand clothes as a means to express themselves, much to the horror of those who preferred the conservative style and with the passing of years, Vintage Fashion has found its place among many other fashion styles.
I would have ended this with a Coco Chanel quote or an Audrey/Monroe quote on fashion but let's go with Shakespeare. 😀
He said "Clothes maketh a man".
Which in simple terms mean that people will judge you on the basis of the clothes you are wearing.
    I am not sure about how true that is, so here's a question for you- Do Clothes really make a man? Are you what you wear?

Give it a thought guys.

 Happy Weekend.

P.S: Vintage is here to stay. ❤

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