Sunday, October 30, 2016

Twisted Tulle Travels!

I miss this view. :(
Ater an amazing response from you guys on my previous post, I couldn't wait to drop this down but with Diwali and some get togethers on my plate, I just couldn't find time.
My second day in Havelock started with a ride to the Jetty. Remember Jetty? If you don't, read my previous post here and come back. :)

A glimpse of the Jetty. 

On arriving at the Jetty, we were greeted with bad news. The Elephant Beach where we were to Sea- Walk was shut down due to weather disturbances. I came to Andaman to Sea Walk and it was the only beach which had that facility. Bummed as I was, we took a boat to another Island. A small one filled with tourists of all ages, tiny tots and young adults. Freshly married couples with mehendi filled hands and the aged too.

Our first activity was Towable Tubes where all we had to do was sit on a sofa like tube and hold tight. The Jet Ski tows the tube at a great speed. In no time I was holding on to the raft like my life depended on it to avoid slipping away. I was in mid-air most of the time, no kidding and I almost lost my sunglasses in the process but it was fun and it's something I'd definitely do again.
Couldn''t take our camera with us, so here's a picture from Google. This was it! except we weren't so calm. :)
Next was the Snorkeling, the level 1 of Scuba diving where you get to observe the wonders of life under water while you're still floating on the surface and breathing through a pipe.
I didn't want the tube but it was mandatory. 
I was glad I knew how to swim. For people who are scared of water or don't know how to swim, Snorkeling could be that one step towards overcoming your aqua-phobia. Don't come back from any beach vacation without Snorkeling because that way you will be missing out on a lot. Trust me!

Snorkeling on the Andaman Sea. Check!
Since we couldn't Sea Walk, we were recommended Scuba Diving.The huge cylinder of air and the whole instrument scared me initially but soon we were in our Scuba suits and walking towards the beach. With a little help from the instructor I was ready to go underwater.
Water kept entering my mouth in the beginning because my mouth grip wasn't right.
Got it! Let's go. :)
You don't have to be a swimmer and it is not as scary as it sounds. I mean I was scared the first time we went like 20ft under because the pressure lowers and you need to equalize. But once you get it, fear turns into fun. You see the reefs and the fishes swim around you. It's beautiful down there and all you hear is the sound of your breathing and the exhaled bubbles.
The fact that an experienced diver is with you the whole 15-20 minutes is actually enough to make you feel safe.

After having checked Scuba Diving off my imaginary to-do list, we headed back for the hotel.
P.S : I have videos of my Scuba Diving experience therefore no pictures. Just know that the fishes are closer and the reefs up-close and clearer. You are however instructed to not touch them and you can't because they're way too fast. :D
Silver Sand, Havelock 
For lunch we decided to try out the most highly rated cafe in Havelock, The Full Moon Cafe.The place is beautiful and the view of the beach with hammocks tied on trees is amazing. The cafe was filled with foreigners and it kinda made it seem like we were in Bangkok or some place else. Food was great. We had Grilled Chicken and a Falafel Platter.
If you're at Havelock, don't miss this cute spot, a few steps away from the side of the road.
Our last stop for the day and Havelock was Radhanagar Beach, the most famous beach in the Andaman Islands. An unforgettable curve of white sand and blue waters lined by lush palm trees.  

The beach is always crowded but you can go a little further to the left or right and find the needed privacy. The beach stretches for as long as 2 kms and is 30-40 metres wide and one of the best beaches in Asia, I'm guessing. We played with the waves, built small sand huts (you know the drill), watched the sunset and by the time night had fallen it began to rain heavily. Rainfall in the Andamans is a whole different experience. It was a bit scary but I loved it.
The sunset! Picture taken from google but the view was even more splendid. Didn't carry the camera because of the hassle and the lack of lockers in a beach. 
Also buy those Andaman T-Shirts for your friends and family here for 100 bucks. I thought I'd find better ones elsewhere and I did but the better was valued at Rs 450.
Here's a tip. Shop at Havelock! 

Another day well spent. Neil Island was waiting for us the next day and I could confidently say that the feeling was mutual.
Next post on "The unexplored Neil Island" coming soon. :)

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