Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Twisted Tulle Travels!

Day 4 of our trip brought us to a yet smaller but equally beautiful and green island. An hour on the ferry and you are finally greeted by clear blue ocean water and the sound of the waves are like music to the ears.

Neil Island is a very small island with narrow roads with evergreen forests on both sides. On can explore the island on rented scooties or even on foot.
We headed directly to Bharatpur Beach which was filled with tourists and locals. Lots of water sport activities are available on this beach - Banana Boat Rides, Jet Ski, Glass bottom Boats, to name a few.
We chose to Jet Ski as we had already done something similar to the rest. It was my first time (for everything) so I had a lovely experience.
After strolling around the beach collecting sea shells and a dip in the ocean, we headed for our hotel.
Silver Sand in Neil Island had double storeyed huts and a Pvt beach with small mangroves on the sides. Since the weather went from Bright and Sunny to Cold and Windy, we decided to stay in. It rained heaving around evening.

After a hearty dinner at the hotel itself, we went to bed early since we had early morning Scuba Diving Session the next morning. Our day on Neil Island was fun filled and short lived but with a happy heart and the sound of the rain and waves, we slept soundly.

The day started with my alarm going off at 6 and standing on the beach, scuba suit on at 7. This time we were taken far from the shore on a boat and made to back flip (which I wish I had captured on camera) somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Having experienced Scuba earlier in Havelock, it wasn't scary. In fact it was a whole different experience. It was better of course because the view was clearer, the water was still since it was early in the morning and we even got to walk on the sea floor, or stand. :)

Our ferry to Port Blair was waiting for us and in an hour and a half, we were back to Port Blair.
Ross Island was still closed due to the rain so we visited Chitiyapur Beach, a very beautiful place for family picnics with an enclosed area for swimming.

After spending like an hour exploring the beach, we could see grey clouds approaching. That only meant one  thing, Rain! and in no time it was pouring. The weather was unpredictable there but it was beautiful. Boats being pulled, rafts being carried to the sheds and people finding shelter, and all of this happening when the clouds were still approaching. The sight was wonderful to watch and rain for once felt nice. :)


After a late lunch and some souvenir shopping at the famous Sagarekha Emporium which sells locally made handicrafts and shell items, we decided to return to our hotel because we had a lot of packing left to do and also 'Delhi was calling'.
We sat through an evening flight and reached the capital around midnight.
It was good-bye greenery, fresh air and humble people and a hello traffic, city lights and busy humans. The view of the beach and palm trees were suddenly street lights and tall buildings. 
Our Andaman trip had finally come to an end. It was a wonderful experience, my best trip so far and also included my best birthday ever. I came home with a trolley of memories and a light tan.

Thanks for reading!

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