Saturday, November 05, 2016

Twisted Tulle Eats

Isn't Hauz Khas Village the prettiest village to stroll around on a cold winter night?
Crowded as it always is, with people distributing fliers for their upcoming night events and a bunch of friends standing on the side trying to decide where they want to wine and dine, girls dressed to impress and boys trying their best to look sharp, the lights and the beautiful fusion of cafes and bars make this place a cozy hangout point once the sun is down.

Another usual evening of Netflix and it was a sudden 'red velvet craving' that pushed me to find my way to Elma's Bakery, a cosy tea room in HKV which serves amazing cakes and hot-chocolate with marshmallow topping.
 But that's a different story. WAIT! WHAT? It's not about Red Velvet at Elma's?
Nope, it isn't. Tricked you, didn't I?
After fulfilling my Sweet tooth desire, I found myself pushing the door that led to this -

Wai Wai City!
 It was the first time I came across this food joint and like an impulse, I had to try it.
It's a cute little space with an impressive decor and the seating area varies. So you can sit on long stools or if your back needs some rest, the tables are available.
I love Bar stools. #justsaying :)


Very soon I was standing in front of the assorted veggies and choosing sauces and toppings for my customized noodle box. Although they do have a few options of their own, I like having all my favorites in one meal. Who doesn't, right? I once spent 30 minutes making my own burger on Munch Box. That's another one of my anecdotes out of the many I have related to Food.

I chose Pan fried noodles with lettuce, corns, strip chicken, capsicum, fried onions, chillies, etc.
A realisation -  Potato chunks don't go so well with noodles. #potatolover
My friend tried their Chilly Chicken Noodles.

Coming back to the noodles,"Was it yum?" you may ask. Imagine a *smiling nod and a thumbs up* for an answer. The quantity was quite large and we regretted ordering two noodles, but the good thing was the price. Very reasonable in my opinion. Here's their menu-

 It's like eating at Subway but there are noodles instead of bread, you get my point? 

We couldn't finish it all, so we had them pack it. I have a thing for Takeaways, like they make me happy for some reason. Yes, I love carrying food and eating them, 
 I finished the remaining at home while watching The Hobbit- 3 for the umpteenth time. Don't you think Thranduil is so good-looking. I love him!
Any Hobbit/Lord of the Rings fan out there?
F.R.I,E,N,D,S addicts?
G.O.T? Super Mario? Potatoes?
Ok, that's me straying again, so I'll stop that and go ahead and end my post.
Mirror selfies will son be a thing of the past, so why not?
If you're hungry after all the alcohol and dancing with your friends, drop by at Wai Wai City for some really appetizing noodles and a variety of choices. Nobody ever said Wai Wai has to be the usual.
Here's a tip- Add chopped onions and tomatoes to a packet of crushed wai wai and some lemon juice. Chillies if you like and snack on! That's my version of 'Sadeko WaiWai.
 Cheap and filling chinese food in paper boxes = Street Food Feels .
That's Wai Wai City in Hauz Khas Village. 
P.S : They have a huge full wall-mirror at the entrance, girls! :)

Until next time.

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