Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Bags are like friends, you can never have too many.- Anonymous

Besides Diamonds, shoes, makeup and many other things, Handbags are women’s best friend. The crucial piece that holds every little thing needed to help you make through the day. Now there are various types of handbags and you need not own all of them. However, having some basic ‘must-have’ bags can really ease things up a bit.
Here is my list of 8 bags, a woman must have/should have/already have/will have after reading this post.

When I think of a bag I can’t do without, ‘A Black Tote Bag’ comes to mind. A stylish black tote is surely going to step up your outfit game. You can carry it with literally any outfit and still look put together. Also it fits in everything that you need, from makeup to sunglasses!
Since most of us already own a black tote, a second option would be ‘A Neutral toned bag’. Like nude heels, neutral toned bags are a must have. They add a soft touch to any look. These bags in beige and pastels are a perfect choice for lunch with girl-friends or outdoor parties.
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Talking about parties, if you are a ‘Friday Night is here!’ person, make sure you own a stylish sling bag. One that you can throw across your shoulder and dance the night away.
‘A Cross Body Sling’ seems most accurate for a night out, unless you have someone to carry your bag for you after a few drinks.

You never know when you get an invite to a dinner get together or an event, so keeping
‘A Metallic Clutch’ at your disposal is a safe move. A metallic clutch adds just enough bling without going overboard.

Bling reminds me of Weddings, which are a huge trend in India and no Indian woman can do without
 ‘An Embellised Clutch’ that goes with the attire. You still need to carry your touch up cosmetics and your phone,right?
Besides the above, I think ‘A Backpack’ comes in handy especially if you travel a lot. Airports and road trips? Carry your favorite book and your headphones while letting a back pack be your companion.
For working women, ‘A Work Bag’ that fits your laptop and other necessities is a must have. Don’t even think of not getting one. Buy one that is big enough to fit everything and opt for something stylish but sturdy. 
A Weekend/Gym Bag to carry spare clothes and other essentials is another one of the many must have bags for a woman. ‘A Duffle Bag’ is the right choice here. Make note that your gym bag doesn’t have to be boring. I hear that Leather Duffle Bags are available in the stores and online.

‘A Bright Toned Bag’ is also recommended, in hues of red or blue or yellow for times when you want to add a pop of color to a monochrome outfit. Sometimes, you’ve got to play with colors and it’s only right to have something at your disposal.
Finally coming to the ‘Novelty Bags’. They are quirky and cute and so en-vogue this season. If you are one who thinks out of the box when it comes to fashion and trends and style, an IYD bag should definitely be hanging behind your door or on your wall. These bags are statement pieces and they come in options way too many.

So that was a list of bags that a woman must own, according to me.If you are looking to buy a bag, I suggest you invest on a piece that is versatile and classy and all things wonderful. Something that suits your style, is practical and most importantly a bag that’s within your budget. Refrain from adding another ‘I already have something similar’ bag to your collection. Like someone wise once said, Buy less, Choose well!

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